Czech Political Science Association

The Czech Political Science Association is a national association of political scientists based in Czech universities. Our mission is to promote research and innovative teaching in our field. We communicate science to policymakers, the general public, and other key stakeholders. Finally, we organize workshops and seminars, share calls, and  collaborate on research. 

The official peer-reviewed journal of the Czech Political Science Association is Acta Politologica. This journal is published in cooperation with the Institute of Political Studies at Charles University. The journal is indexed in the Scopus database.  The association is a collective member of the International Political Science Association.  


Board: Jan Holzer (chairman, MU), Petr Just (vice-chairman, MUP), Karel Kouba (UK), Michel Perottino (UK), Lucie Tungul (UPOL)

Committee: Stanislav Balík (MU), Vladimíra Dvořáková (ČVUT), Vít Hloušek (MU), Jakub Charvát (MUP), Michal Kubát (UK), Pavel Maškarinec (UJEP), Přemysl Rosůlek (ZČU), Pavlína Springerová (UHK), Lukáš Valeš (ZČU), Petr Vymětal (ČVUT)

Review Board: Ondřej Filipec (UPOL), Petra Guasti (UK)

Jan Holzer


Political Scientist and Historian. Professor at the Department of Political Science, Masaryk University, Brno. E.MA Director, Global Campus of Human Rights Europe Venice (Italy).

Research interests: Contemporary Political History in Central and Eastern Europe and former Soviet Republics, Theory of Non-Democratic Regimes and Democratization.

Petr Just


Political Scientist. Assistant Professor and Chairman of the Department of Political Science and Anglophone Studies, Metropolitan University Prague. Secretary General of the Central European Political Science Association

Research interests: Comparative Politics, Bicameralism, Politics of Central European countries and the USA. 

Anežka Konvalinová


Tadeáš Celý

Research secretary

Ph.D. candidate at the Masaryk University. See


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